Ushma Sargeant

I was born and raised in Zambia and moved to the UK in my teens, moving to Swindon in 2007.

I studied and worked in Engineering for 10 years, which unwittingly became a good foundation for the art I currently produce.

At The Open College of Art I studied Painting, Photography and Illustration Modules.

I began to paint more seriously in 2009 and always have a work in progress in which I become totally engrossed in the forming design.

The works of the Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky brings influence to my work.

Whilst I  continue to grow and develop my own style I like to work in geometrical drawing using bright and forceful colours.

I apply a variety of mediums to created depth and substance to my art, I like to grasp new projects which stretch my imagination and  bring a challenge to the table.

Thank you for viewing my work.

Commissions Welcome.