Ruth Wintle

From a young girl I have always enjoyed drawing and painting. I gather inspiration from colour, scenery, wildlife and  jazz music.

On retiring three years ago, I joined a small Art Group, which gave me the courage to try watercolour and acrylic and thus to put paint to my very first canvas.  I joined the Swindon Artist Forum to meet other artists and I haven't looked back.

I was born in Chippenham and raised in Corsham, Wiltshire, later moving to Swindon in 1965.

Since a young age I have always found great pleasure in drawing and only over the past few years have put paint to canvas which has extended my enthusiasm with artwork.

I have a passion for graceful movement as often found in nature, and have a fondness for a colourful palette.

I like to work in pen and ink, also in acrylic and watercolour.

When the mood takes me I will often move out of my comfort zone and look forward to a challenging project.

Together with painting I also employ my artwork into working with fabric and produce small seasonal items on request.

Commission Welcome.