Susan Bates

I studied art at school up to A level but was persuaded that I needed to earn money so went to university to study something quite different and subsequently followed a career in market research which together with raising a family left little time to indulge my first love art.

Since retirement a few years ago and moving to Wiltshire I have been able to spend time painting mainly in pastels. I am captivated by the landscape particularly the play of light and shade and also love life drawing using pastels or charcoal.  

I have sold paintings at local exhibitions and I am a member of Ramsbury Art Group, Aldbourne Artists, SAA North Wiltshire Group and the Downs Art Group based in Leckhampstead      

Peter Brown

Pete was born in Battersea, London, on 27th November 1949.  He has always enjoyed using his hands for practical projects like carpentry and drawing.  He was medically retired from employment in 1995 with serious nerve and muscle damage to his right shoulder.  His family encouraged him go pursue his interest in art and he developed his own style and technique initially using pastels.   He is always exploring new art mediums and has widened his technique to include unique and modern pictures using wax.  His art subjects are wide and varied and include animals, planes, children's pictures, the universe and many other topics.

Carolyn Clack

I grew up in Lechlade, and spent many years of my adult life living in West London, I loved the hustle and bustle of London life, but missed the countryside. I moved back to the West Country in the early 90s’, with my Husband and two sons, Jonathan and Christopher.

 My artistic flare began to emerge as a teenager when I would sculptor wood. Later I swopped wood for massive rolls and sheets of paper which developed into abstracts with textured wax rubbings finished with coloured ink. There became large gaps with my visual arts as life took over the things I really wanted to do, but every now and then I would get a box of paints for birthday and Christmas presents which would automatically start me off again.

I have eventually settled into abstract painting mainly with acrylics, but I will be doing many mixed media in the future. Luckily there are no gaps in my artwork these days and I always have a painting in progress.

Michelle Cummins

I am Swindon born & bred and I have been painting for 10 years now as a hobby.

I am an entirely self-taught artist, mostly working in Watercolour or pencil.  I have recently begun to experiment in other mediums such as Pastels and acrylic.

I enjoy attending other artist’s workshops for hints and tips and then apply to my own style.

I paint a wide range of subjects from coastal views to country scenes and I always carry a camera for those inspirational shots.

I am an involved member of the Swindon Artists Forum and regularly show my work at the Forum and on-line. I will also undertake commissions.

Louis Cutting

I am Swindon born but lived and worked in Saudia Arabia 6 years, Kenya 8 years, and Spain 4 years which has inspired much of my art. Since early childhood painting was a preferred recreation, enjoyment which still grows with each new piece I do.

My mother has been an encouraging influence to me and I have learned very much from her thoughtful advice, and direction she has given me. Metalwork and design are also my interests which I pursue both with equal enthusiasm.

I am very happy to become a member of the Swindon Artists Forum and pleased to support The Prospect Hospice through the sale of paintings, for I have had first hand experience of their wonderful work, they help many people in our community.

Isimon dennis i was born in Nottingham in 1961. My father was in the RAF so from the age of 4 we lived in Germany at RAF hospital Wegburg for 4 years. On our return we were stationed at Princess Alexanda RAF hospital  Wroughton and have stayed here ever since.

After leaving secondary school I went to Swindon School of art where I studied Graphic design for 4 years. After leaving college my career started with Wilbart Brandon Audio Visual and continued via Hedges Wright Audio Visual, Alexander James and Dexter advertising and Emery Mclaven Orr advertising where I progressed to Senior Typographer working alongside our creative director and art directors. I also managed the finished art studio.

I came out of the advertising industry back in 1991.

So after all this what made me want to start to paint watercolours?

Well having not picked up a brush since art college I watched a Bob Ross programme on TV and it inspired me to have a go but I didn't get on with oils. However I then discovered Charles Evans and switched to water colours and the rest is history as they say.

I like to paint various subject matter in varying styles and get great satisfaction from learning new and different techniques which I can incorporate into my work.

I do hope that you enjoy my paintings as much as I enjoy painting them

Ernie Evans

I studied Commercial art at Harrow School of Art and spent a lifetime working for major companies such as Unilever. There I produced designs for advertising and packaging and became manager of the design studios.

 Since retiring I have followed my love of painting and sculpting encompassing subjects such as landscape, still life and many more aspects of art. I enjoy working in watercolour, oil, pastel and acrylic media.

 I was featured on BBC television after winning two painting competitions sponsored by the BBC.

 I have carried out many commissions for clients in the UK, America, Australia, Far East, France and Ireland and welcome more.

Lynn Forman

Lynn Forman was born in Wiltshire in the small market town of Royal Wootton Bassett and still lives locally.

After bringing up her family, Lynn was fortunate to be able to retire early, which enabled her the time to explore the world of art, a subject that she had been interested in since childhood.

Initially self taught, Lynn is currently enjoying painting with oils, under the tutelage of internationally acclaimed artist Trevor Waugh.

With her new found skills Lynn now has her own studio and spends many hours painting. She exhibits and successfully sells her work locally and is a member of a number  of art societies including:


Lynn is supported by her husband Clive, who is a keen photographer, and provides the majority of her reference material.  


Robert Foskett

I was born 1959 in Cornwall, and was raised in Swindon.

Although I am economical with painting equipment, I generously use my paints to achieve a strong depth and image.

 My focus is mainly around sporting events and landscape features and I like to paint in the early hour of the morning accompanied by a good television programme.

During winter months I have to wrap up warm to continue painting through cold nights.

 Ann (Frelford) Gamble

Ann, originally from Newbury, Berkshire now lives opposite woodland on the edge of Wroughton Village.  A freelance artist, Ann is a member of Marlborough Artists, and has  been a member of Swindon Artists Forum for some years.

Ann is mostly known for her work in lifelike PORTRAITURE which includes both that of people (WEDDINGS and CHILDREN a speciality) and of her PETS/ANIMALS. Her acrylic 50cm x 50cm portraits of chickens, cows and hares are popular.  Ann also produces a comprehensive range of SCENIC, (eg Avebury and Stonehenge etc) FLORAL (also wedding bouquets) ABSTRACT and FANTASY work.

Ann will use your own photographs to work from or take any required pictures on her artists camera at your own home and will deliver the mounted and framed/canvas work FREE OF CHARGE within a 25 mile radius of Wroughton/Swindon and to the Newbury area.  Charges should be made for further afield.

Pastels, watercolours, acrylics or oils may be used depending on your requirements.  

Please contact me for further information etc

Tel: 07789 994748  Email:

Margaret Jarvis

I have been painting for about 20 years. Having spent a couple of the earlier years under the tuition of a local professional artist, I am largely self taught and still find every painting I do a very satisfying learning curve.  

I have successfully sold several paintings through the Swindon Artists Forum, of which I was Secretary for many years.  I am also a member of Marlborough Artists and Purton Artists, both prestigious Wiltshire art societies.

I am attracted by natural shapes and colour and the way light affects them.  I paint any subject that inspires me, quite often involving flowers, fruit, vegetables, still life and landscapes involving water – lakes, ponds, coastal scenes and waterfalls.  I have particular affection for painting stones, pebbles and rocks.

I accept commissions in my favoured media of acrylic, oil, pastel and coloured pencil, either through Swindon Artists Forum or by email on

Andy Hubble

I was born in Swindon and live in the Swindon area.  It has been recently when I started taking art more seriously, with much inspiration from my Father, and from  my Partner, both being artists with considerable talent, which has given me very much influence and encouragement to bring my ideas to life.

I have a keen interest in arts and craft style and like to use many different mediums to express my artwork, I am also eagerly experimenting with many diverse styles which often generate even more ideas to indulge.

I like to work on subjects of UK and Sporting Rugby, and various fictional/fantasy topics.

Alongside painting I also use conventional as well as unconventional media to frame work for myself and other artists

Sholeh Jafari

I was born and raised in Tehran, Iran, and later settled in the UK.

My main influences come from many artist I have in my family whose work I admire, I appreciate the encouragement and guidance they have always given to help me develop a thoughtful approach to my varied art subjects.

I began to paint more seriously when I was twenty,  and went onto gain two Art Degrees, Painting from Tehran University of Iran, and Fine Art from The University of Bath.

Whilst I enjoy to paint with acrylics and watercolour, I have found painting with Oils has become a natural preference and suits my style of art.

In association with painting I am also keen in making sculptures working with clay, however, it is painting which gives me  great comfort and absorbs me to a colourful world of my own.

Lynne Patchett

I was born in Surrey and have lived in Wiltshire for past 27 years.

I started to take painting and drawing seriously after completing my Garden Planning & Design Course in 2005, where I enjoyed drawing the gardens most of all.

I am a self taught artist but over the years I have enjoyed attending many art courses and art holidays where I collect ideas and put them into practice using all mediums except oils. I have recently completed a pets portrait course with the London Art College and have started to experiment with coloured pencils by mixing fine detail portraits with an abstract twist!

If you are interested in my work please contact me at or telephone me on 07970 458944.

 linda readHappily married with 4 children and 3 wonderful grandsons.

I have loved art all my life but due to a busy lifestyle never had the opportunity to indulge. That changed after an accident in Turkey which resulted in being in and out of hospital for 2 years with a 5 year recovery.

I eventually took early medical retirement from my job at The British Computer Society.

Being ill and bed ridden it gave me the opportunity to indulge my passion. I found immersing myself in art marvellous therapy. I have been supported in this endeavour by my family, the staff at Frenchay Hospital and kind members and friends at The Cricklade Art Group, Swindon Art Forum and my Ceramic classes.

Joining The SAA in 2009 and getting the monthly magazine along with watching The Painting and Drawing Channel on Sky was very helpful for learning different techniques as well as from fellow painters. I am entirely self-taught.

I particularly enjoy portrait painting and have been told I have the ability to capture a likeness in children. This has given me an opportunity to take commissions and earn some much needed money during my illness.

I work in graphite, watercolour, pastels and more recently acrylics and oils.

I proudly won a highly commended in 2009 at The Ink Spot with my Kabul Elder Pastel sketch. This gave me the confidence to exhibit my paintings in the SAF.

My pictures are displayed in various venues such as De Ja Vu hair dressers, The Red Lion Hotel and The Art and Crafts shop in Cricklade as well as Greengables surgery, The Swindon Art Forum in The Brunel Plaza Swindon.

Kathy Leach

I was born in Leicester, went to university in London and moved to the beautiful Marlborough Downs in 1980. I regularly visit the coast in Dorset  with its amazing, seascapes, sunrises and sunsets.

I am a psychotherapist working part time now. I started painting some years ago and enjoy watercolour, and occasionally, acrylics which I am developing.

My husband is a wonderful photographer and I paint many of his photos which are inspirational as he knows so much about composition, light and shade. His macro photography produces wonderful close work surrounded by blurred backgrounds and fading edges which is a gift for loose work watercolour painting.

I am a member of NADFAS where I learn and am inspired by great artists, understanding some techniques and intentions. ( I don't copy other artist's work) I regularly attend classes so that I continue to learn.

Thank you for looking at my profile. I am happy to paint a picture for you, with no fee if you don't like it.

Ushma Sargeant

I was born and raised in Zambia and moved to the UK in my teens, moving to Swindon in 2007.

I studied and worked in Engineering for 10 years, which unwittingly became a good foundation for the art I currently produce.

At The Open College of Art I studied Painting, Photography and Illustration Modules.

I began to paint more seriously in 2009 and always have a work in progress in which I become totally engrossed in the forming design.

The works of the Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky brings influence to my work.

Whilst I  continue to grow and develop my own style I like to work in geometrical drawing using bright and forceful colours.

I apply a variety of mediums to created depth and substance to my art, I like to grasp new projects which stretch my imagination and  bring a challenge to the table.

Thank you for viewing my work.

Commissions Welcome.

Irena Squires

I was born and raised in Swindon, where I currently live with my family.

Being an avid viewer of the Bob Ross painting programmes I started to paint following his helpful advice and technique.

Wishing to further my knowledge and meet other artists I enrolled in an Access Course in 2001 and studied Art & Design which I thoroughly enjoyed forwarding my study of art.

I admire the passion of detail in the works of Gustav Klimt and have certainly been influenced by some of his popular pieces.

To incorporate detailed design into my work is important to me, I enjoy to paint interesting landscapes, seascapes, and pictures of childhood adventure, and sometimes adding an offbeat humour in painting animal heads with human bodies and visa versa.

I particularly like to work in oils and acrylics but like to experiment with the varying strengths of watercolour pigment, I will often do a piece of mixed media finding a new style beginning to emerge and enjoy the challenge of its' development.  

Thank you for viewing.

Commissions Welcome.

Maria Thatcher

I was born in Swindon but I lived up north for several years before returning to my routes here in Swindon.

As a young child my Primary School teacher saw something I captured in my art and noticed my attention to detail was beyond my years.

My Mother, an excellent artist of the female form, gave me encouragement and certainly influenced the technics and structure of my work to date.

I also greatly admire Jack Vettriano who has such expression within his subjects.

Over the years I have specialised in studying people and their culture, from all walks of life and enjoy to paint people and convey emotion through the facial expressions, adding vibrancy to their image with colourful undertones..

Most mediums I have experimented with but mainly use gouache, and coloured pencils.

Some of my work I embellish with 3D effects, which gives a great sense of real time to the subject.

My art has been keenly extended to making hand made jewellery.

Thank you for viewing my work.

Mandy Thomas

I have painted all my life, portraits and animals mainly but have done murals, website work, landscapes buildings etc.

Voted artist of the year in 2007 at the Inkspot Gallery in U.K. came 3rd 2009.

Bath prize finalist 2012.

I work mainly in pastels with watercolours, acrylics, gels and pencils.

Having exhibited in a few places now including the Bath Royal Crescent, Royal Academy of Arts Bath and recently Swindon artists forum.  I am learning not only to develop as an artist but to communicate with people in the art world.

Born in Warwickshire 1965. Art has been a great part of most of my life from a very early age. A form of free expression. Doing comic strips for magazines , insert pictures for books. Murals and even tattoo designing.

Delved into photography late teens, studying peoples faces to paint, playing with developing photos and slides.

Word of mouth got me painting everything from portraits, dogs, cats to buildings.

My art changes in media, style and form dependant on my moods.

I create as a form of therapy mainly.

When tears roll down the face of someone studying your work because they love it so much…you know you must be doing something right.

Pain, love, grief and LIVING drive me to give back to this world.

Pablo Picasso ”Painting is stronger than me, it makes me do its bidding.”

Lucian Freud ”What do I ask of a painting? I ask it to astonish, disturb, seduce, convince”

Salvador Dali ”One day it will have to be officially admitted that what we have christened reality is an even greater illusion than the world of dreams”

Michelangelo ”The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection.”

website links


Niki Harrison B.A (Hons)

I work in a variety of mediums producing my own images and commissions. I Designed and painted the Remembrance Day mural in the Brunel Shopping Centre, as well as other private murals.

If you are interested in my work, contact can be made via the SAF or through Facebook pages and website .

Facebook: Mike and Niki Photography.

                  Just Art by Niki Harrison


Angela Vincent

I have always loved drawing and painting and had done the odd painting for the family, friends, friends of friends and a short time painting animal portraits, but over the years other matters took over, like getting married etc, so the longer it took between each painting it got harder to get all the equipment out.

Back in 2005 I received a hand-made card for Xmas and thought I could do that and so here I am, still making cards but best of all, I'm back painting again, trying out new mediums like using hot wax (encaustic art) and living that dream all those years ago of selling my paintings.

Acrylics, pastels and oils are self-explanatory but perhaps you may not of heard of encaustic art, it is basically using different coloured waxes which I apply to specially coated card using a hot iron and stylus, which makes these paintings unique and original and they will never dull so the colours you see now will be the same in years to come.

Born in United Kingdom

1963-1973 Studied at various schools due to moving with family.

I sell my work at Art Exhibitions and Arts & Craft Fayres to people visiting from all over the world making me an 'international seller' sounds so good doesn't it but true all the same.

My only artistic qualification was gained at school gaining an 'O' level in Art with distinction, the most awful accident happened with my final piece of work for the exam, I knocked over the pot of water! Phew still passed the exam.

Most important to me is remembering what my art tutor Mr. Singleton told me whilst at school in Malta, 'be true to your own style that's your art'

I just love creating:

landscapes in acrylic, oils or wax (encaustic)

animal portraits in acrylic or pastels

fantasy in acrylic and wax (encaustic)

hand painting decorative items

Carol Ann Wakefield

I was born in Eton Near London, and raise in Stratton Wiltshire.

At an early age I began to draw and paint and soon held a fascination for the way colours worked together to give a painting depth and substance.

Over the years whilst I developed my own character I took influence from the works of Van Gogh, Hilma af Klint, Cezanne, and lately Aboriginal and Tribal Art which inspire my landscapes and abstracts.

My style is Contemporary Art and Design, which I often specialise with an Australian Aboriginal flavour.

I enjoy to experiment in many different medias which stretches my imagination giving the finished project originality and bold expression of colour.

I am experienced in teaching Art & Design at both Swindon College and New College.

Thank you for viewing my work.

Commissions Welcome.

Kristian Wheeler  

I grew up near Barnstable in North Devon, although I was born in Hertford. Whilst at school, I enjoyed drawing with pen and ink. I later progressed to oils painting and life drawing and used my skills in these media in GCSE and A Level art exams.

My main influences are the installation art of Ai Wei Wei. I'm inspired by my favourite artists which include Banksy, Tracey Emin and Grayson Perry. I am fascinated by Islamic geometrical art and the genius works of MC Escher, especially with his mathematical and geometrical studies.

I have worked as a railway engineer with various Engineering Consultancies across the world in Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, the Gobi Desert and Swindon. Art and technical drawing has been an essential skill throughout my career.

My work is mostly in pen and ink or oil paint although I enjoy the challenge of new techniques with mixed media.

I enjoy illustrating poems and I aim to give my work depth and its own unique mood, specialising in Landscapes and Figurative art. I often choose various traditional complicated subjects to further my skills and to satisfy my scientific imagination to stretch my abilities.

Thank you for viewing.

Any Commissions are most welcome.

Robin Woodford

My name is Robin Woodford, I spent my early years in a farm cottage on the edge of Savernake Forest near Marlborough, which gave me my love of the countryside which is reflected in the rural images of my paintings. When I married I moved to Swindon and I have lived here ever since.

 I have always had an interest in art and enjoyed drawing and painting all my life.

 What inspires me most as an artist is the satisfaction I get from reproducing my own interpretation of a subject and I, like most artists also enjoy the appreciation of my work by my friends and customers.

I enjoy water colour for its atmosphere and acrylic for its vibrant colours. Acrylics are very versatile and can be used in a similar style to either water colour or oil paints.

 Although I like to paint traditional landscapes I also enjoy the freedom of abstract artwork and often combine them into semi-abstract paintings.

 I sometimes find that my work follows a theme and I paint several different scenes of the same subject. I have for example painted a series of paintings at different locations of the Kennett and Avon canal. I seem to have a liking of painting waterscapes and water features in lots of my paintings.

 My style is fairly traditional watercolour and even my acrylic paintings are painted in a similar style and could be mistaken for watercolours.

 I am very much influenced by my two favourite artist’s Constable and Turner.

 I have a large selection of subject matter that I have collected over the years.

If I have a commission to paint I may be able to find inspiration from this. Mostly however a commission is of a particular place so I visit the site, do drawings and take photographs to be used for reference and then I complete the painting in my studio.

 My paintings have been widely purchased and are in private collections in BritainGermany, USA and Australia

 Commissions are undertaken on request.

Contact:  RobinWoodford

Tel: 01793 723158