Marilyn Trew

Inspired by nature, mountains, trees, landscapes and the power of storms and the sea. And the unusual rewards of my beach combing. I enjoy many walks, across Cliff tops, floral river banks and picturesque canals.

Now retired I have decided to share some of my existing creations and to give flight to some of the  artistic ideas that have been fluttering away inside me over the years.

I hope that people looking at my work will be able to see the beauty in nature, the energy of living things, the fascinating story of how does a snail make its home from a shell etc! The peace of the Outer Hebrides, the open landscapes of Wiltshire and all the other iconic images of the United Kingdom. 

I thrive amongst my happy family, my helpful and kind husband and have fun with my friends.   Like many people I have also had my fair share of knocks, hurts , bereavements and pain but hey, I am still standing!

Why not come and join me on yet another life adventure!

I love watching nature unfurl its many miracles of life and colour. Our garden in Swindons bounty is also a calm and natural haven from which I draw much peace and inspiration.

I studied Art from the ages of Thirteen years to Seventeen years at Sutton East School and the Sutton School of Art and it has been a lifetime’s journey of joy to carry on building on those skills.

During my life  I have been an Air Stewardess, Floor Designer, Hr Manager and for the last few years studied counselling and started my own successful practice in Swindon .