Maria Thatcher

I was born in Swindon but I lived up north for several years before returning to my routes here in Swindon.

As a young child my Primary School teacher saw something I captured in my art and noticed my attention to detail was beyond my years.

My Mother, an excellent artist of the female form, gave me encouragement and certainly influenced the technics and structure of my work to date.

I also greatly admire Jack Vettriano who has such expression within his subjects.

Over the years I have specialised in studying people and their culture, from all walks of life and enjoy to paint people and convey emotion through the facial expressions, adding vibrancy to their image with colourful undertones..

Most mediums I have experimented with but mainly use gouache, and coloured pencils.

Some of my work I embellish with 3D effects, which gives a great sense of real time to the subject.

My art has been keenly extended to making hand made jewellery.

Thank you for viewing my work.