Kristian Wheeler  

I grew up near Barnstable in North Devon, although I was born in Hertford. Whilst at school, I enjoyed drawing with pen and ink. I later progressed to oils painting and life drawing and used my skills in these media in GCSE and A Level art exams.

My main influences are the installation art of Ai Wei Wei. I'm inspired by my favourite artists which include Banksy, Tracey Emin and Grayson Perry. I am fascinated by Islamic geometrical art and the genius works of MC Escher, especially with his mathematical and geometrical studies.

I have worked as a railway engineer with various Engineering Consultancies across the world in Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, the Gobi Desert and Swindon. Art and technical drawing has been an essential skill throughout my career.

My work is mostly in pen and ink or oil paint although I enjoy the challenge of new techniques with mixed media.

I enjoy illustrating poems and I aim to give my work depth and its own unique mood, specialising in Landscapes and Figurative art. I often choose various traditional complicated subjects to further my skills and to satisfy my scientific imagination to stretch my abilities.

Thank you for viewing.

Any Commissions are most welcome.