Julie Hopkins

I was born in Swindon, Wiltshire on the outskirts of town.

My parents and grandparents had a small holding. I was surrounded by animals,trees, flowers, (wild and cultivated) and garden produce, vegetables, soft fruits and fruit trees.

Living not far from the “downs” I enjoyed walking over the hills, observing the wide rolling landscapes, the changing skies and seasons. Also noticing the flora and fauna which live on the chalk downs.

I started drawing at an early age. Mainly copying things in the natural world around me. I also enjoyed doodling on my exercise books in school lessons, mainly abstract designs and faces.

I went on to do art ‘O’ and ‘A’ level at school.

My creative nature has led me to enjoy many evening classes. Chinese brush painting, water colour painting, roses and castles (canal art), wood carving and silver smithing.

I also completed a floristry course.

These are things I have done in the past, which I am not doing at the present time.

I started a pastel painting course with Vicki Loeber-Hughes about two years ago.

Vicki has inspired and encouraged me to use pastels and pencils to create pictures of things I find interesting.

I would like to go on and use other mediums, and expand my repertoire of subjects.

I feel with art, you are always learning and improving, and I am inspired by the colours and shapes all around us.

I have recently taken early retirement (due to ill health) from a career as an Occupational Therapist.

I intend to fully indulge myself in my passion for artwork, and my love of narrow boating on the canals of Britain.

 My recent pictures have been of animals (wild and domesticated), flowers, landscapes and seascapes.

But I am willing to draw anything in reason.