Irena Squires

I was born and raised in Swindon, where I currently live with my family.

Being an avid viewer of the Bob Ross painting programmes I started to paint following his helpful advice and technique.

Wishing to further my knowledge and meet other artists I enrolled in an Access Course in 2001 and studied Art & Design which I thoroughly enjoyed forwarding my study of art.

I admire the passion of detail in the works of Gustav Klimt and have certainly been influenced by some of his popular pieces.

To incorporate detailed design into my work is important to me, I enjoy to paint interesting landscapes, seascapes, and pictures of childhood adventure, and sometimes adding an offbeat humour in painting animal heads with human bodies and visa versa.

I particularly like to work in oils and acrylics but like to experiment with the varying strengths of watercolour pigment, I will often do a piece of mixed media finding a new style beginning to emerge and enjoy the challenge of its' development.  

Thank you for viewing.

Commissions Welcome.