Angela Vincent

I have always loved drawing and painting and had done the odd painting for the family, friends, friends of friends and a short time painting animal portraits, but over the years other matters took over, like getting married etc, so the longer it took between each painting it got harder to get all the equipment out.

Back in 2005 I received a hand-made card for Xmas and thought I could do that and so here I am, still making cards but best of all, I'm back painting again, trying out new mediums like using hot wax (encaustic art) and living that dream all those years ago of selling my paintings.

Acrylics, pastels and oils are self-explanatory but perhaps you may not of heard of encaustic art, it is basically using different coloured waxes which I apply to specially coated card using a hot iron and stylus, which makes these paintings unique and original and they will never dull so the colours you see now will be the same in years to come.

Born in United Kingdom

1963-1973 Studied at various schools due to moving with family.

I sell my work at Art Exhibitions and Arts & Craft Fayres to people visiting from all over the world making me an 'international seller' sounds so good doesn't it but true all the same.

My only artistic qualification was gained at school gaining an 'O' level in Art with distinction, the most awful accident happened with my final piece of work for the exam, I knocked over the pot of water! Phew still passed the exam.

Most important to me is remembering what my art tutor Mr. Singleton told me whilst at school in Malta, 'be true to your own style that's your art'

I just love creating:

landscapes in acrylic, oils or wax (encaustic)

animal portraits in acrylic or pastels

fantasy in acrylic and wax (encaustic)

hand painting decorative items